NeitClem Offers an extensive portfolio of coverage from "A" rated admitted and non-admitted insurance companies. Our Knowledgeable team is driven to deliver the highest levels of quality, integrity and customer service to the people that rely on us.

:: Partial list of Non-Admitted companies
Admiral Ins Company
AIG Specialty Ins Company
Arch Specialty Ins Company

Axis Surplus Ins Company
Berkley Assurance Company
Capitol Specialty Ins Corporation
Catlin Specialty Ins Company
CHUBB Custom Ins Company
Crum & Forster Ins Company
Empire Indemnity Ins Company
Endurance American Specialty Ins Company
Essex Ins Company
Evanston Ins Company
First Mercury Ins Company
Gemini Ins Company
Great American E&S Ins Company
Houston Casualty Company
Landmark American Ins Company
Lexington Ins Company
Liberty Surplus Ins Corp
Mt. Hawley Ins Company
Nautilus Ins Company
Navigators Specialty Ins Company
North American Capacity Ins Company
Seneca Specialty Ins Company
Underwriters at Lloyds, London
Westchester Surplus Lines Ins Company
Western World Ins Company

:: Partial list of Admitted companies
ACE American Ins Company
Ace Fire Underwriters Ins Company
Arch Ins Company
AXIS Ins Company
Carolina Casualty Ins Company
Capitol Indemnity Corporation
Golden Bear Ins Company
Granite State Ins Company
Great Divide Ins Company
Great American Ins Company
Insurance Company of Pennsylvania
Insurance Company of the West
Liberty Ins Underwriters, Inc.
Markel American Ins Company
Navigators Ins Company
Navigators Management Ins Company
National Union Fire Ins Company
New Hampshire Ins Company
North River Ins Company
Platte River Ins Company
Philadelphia Indemnity Company
RLI Ins Company
RSUI Indemnity Company
StarNet Ins Company
Topa Ins Company
Westchester Fire Ins Company
Zurich American Ins Company

:: Non-admitted companies
Also known as excess and surplus lines companies, are not subject to regulation for either premium rates or policy forms. Non-admitted companies provide insurance through appointed brokers that are specifically licensed as surplus lines brokers, which is unavailable with admitted companies. Non-admitted companies provide flexibility for the unique characteristics and unusual needs of the insured. Non-admitted companies are required to be licensed in their home office jurisdiction but are also regulated by local state surplus lines laws which protect the insurance consumer.

:: Admitted companies
Also known as standard companies, are regulated both in premium rates and policy form requirements and must be licensed in the respective states where the risk is located. The type of business admitted companies write is similar and uniform countrywide, homogeneous types of risks. Admitted companies are given the protection of state guaranty funds, claim payment protection in the event of default.